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Most Advanced Technology for Arthritis Pain Relief: The Class IV Deep Tissue Laser

Patients no longer have to live with Arthritis Pain or take painful cortisone shots or any addictive pain medications. The Class IV laser has revolutionized the treatment of Arthritis Pain and numbness.

When it comes to treating Arthritis pain and numbness, I’m sure you have noticed your Medical Doctor has very limited options to treat you. You will either get a prescription for drugs, physical therapy, cortisone shots, or surgery. The drugs, physical therapy and shots are only designed to give temporary relief—and who wants to have risky surgery? So every time you go back to get these treatments, you are increasing health care costs.

Why not be a part of the solution and stop using expensive medical care that only provides short-term relief? Try the most advanced treatment option for arthritis that everyone is talking about. Class IV laser therapy is the only modality that accelerates the body to heal allowing for faster recoveries and a higher quality of life. Read what others have to say about this treatment and then find out more by giving us a call.

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